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CEO Joni Kettunen at WTS 4-5 Oct: Fitness for Real – Measuring What Matters

4 Oct

4 Oct

Firstbeat CEO, Ph.D. Joni Kettunen’s, keynote in WTS USA asks and answers tough questions about the value of information offered by fitness and activity trackers. Smarter analytics capable of producing highly personalized health insights and adaptive training advice will be presented as a solution to the challenge of creating strong user connections and more informed health decisions. Kettunen’s keynote on day 2, 5 October, at 12.30pm.

In addition to the keynote, Kettunen will also share his insights in a panel discussion on “Big Data – Helping Us to Sleep Better” on 5 October at 1.50pm. The panel discussion focusing on sleep and recovery tracking strives to find the answers to the following questions: When tracking a sleep cycle how valuable is the information to the wearer? Is the information borderline useless or is the data really an insight to see a bigger picture?


Wearable Tech Show is organized on October 4-5 in Santa Clara, CA, USA. Follow the event on social media via #wts2016. For further information on the science behind Firstbeat analytics, come and meet our team at booth 607.

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