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Firstbeat at the High Performance Basketball Symposium | 22-23 May 2019

22 May - 23 May @ UNLV Basketball Training Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

22 May - 23 May

Firstbeat is exhibiting at the High Performance Basketball Symposium on May 22-23. The Symposium is a hands on learning experience with the top basketball performance coaches in the country and was was created for strength coaches, basketball coaches, athletic trainers, and therapists seeking the latest training concepts for improving athletic performance.

Find Firstbeat at our booth and discover how Firstbeat Sports’ complete solution to optimizing training load and recovery can work for you. Used by over 1,000 teams, Firstbeat Sports gives you the physiological insight you need to put personalized training advice on firm, scientific ground.

To schedule a meeting with Firstbeat at this event, please contact Matt Tardif at matt.tardif(at) or +1-443-417-7875

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