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Firstbeat Team Attending Summer Conference 2023

6 Jul @ Solihull, UK

6 Jul

The Firstbeat team is delighted to be attending the Summer Conference 2023 organised by Independent Gyms UK. Firstbeat will attend the Independent Gyms Summer Conference 2023 as an exhibitor and keynote speaker.

The event is lined up with expert speakers, industry-leading sponsors, and passionate gym owners for a day of learning, networking, and socializing.

Firstbeat Life partner Oliver Patrick from Future Practice will host a keynote during the conference.

Oliver is a Physiologist and Wellbeing consultant. Oliver led the largest team of Physiologists and Nutritionists in the UK when head of Physiology at Nuffield Health, before co-founding the world’s most advanced health assessment on London’s Harley Street.

He is currently Wellbeing Director of medical business Latus Health, Clinical Director of Pillar Wellbeing, author of the UK’s first accredited Stress Resilience training for fitness professionals, and consults directly to organizations globally, including Nike, Selfridges, and UK Coaching.

In this talk, Oliver will discuss the definition of recovery and the role of energy-restoring activities in fitness and health. Using clinical case studies from the world’s most advanced health assessment, he will use data to show how a lack of recovery may be the key to unlocking improved client results and sit at the roots of many modern health conditions.

By considering heart rate variability, cortisol testing, sleep testing, and more, the presentation will include actionable insights for modern fitness operators.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting with the Firstbeat team at the event, please contact us here.

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