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Firstbeat’s Founder Joni Kettunen Talks About Physiological Analytics for Elite Sports and Beyond at WEAR Conference 2017

12 Jun

12 Jun

Specifically focusing on the future of smart fabrics and wearable technology, the WEAR Conference 2017 kicks off in San Francisco, CA, on June 12–14 at The Park Central Hotel San Francisco. The conference brings together the world’s largest technology companies, such as IBM and Google, and the most innovative startups, major clothing brands and design firms, like Adidas, Nike and Lululemon – all in one room.

On the second conference day, June 13, Firstbeat’s founder and CEO Joni Kettunen presents a keynote about Physiological Analytics for Elite Sports and Beyond. In his speech, Kettunen reveals how the ability to automatically detect user fitness levels unlocks a wealth of opportunity for personalized training and precise exercise prescription. He will also describe how physical activity is being quantified in terms its impact on future fitness levels and the key role this plays in ensuring a balanced approach to matters of recovery. An emphasis will be placed on the provision of scientifically grounded feedback presented in actionable form. The conversation will conclude with a description of how analytics created for elite sports applications have made their way into wearables designed for fitness enthusiasts and daily life alike. The result is a wearable enabled path towards healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

For more information and registration, visit WEAR Conference’s website.

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