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Firstbeat Sports at Kinduct and Xsens Sports Conference 2022

29 Mar @ virtual

29 Mar

Firstbeat Sports at Kinduct and Xsens Sports Conference 2022

Firstbeat Sports will be participating in the Sports Conference, “Technology in Sports: How to Secure Peak Athletic Performance”, powered by Movella. Kinduct, a Firstbeat Sports API partner, along with Xsens are the main organizers of the conference. The full-day virtual event features 9 speakers and explores different ways sports technology can be used for athlete training, injury risk mitigation, and overall club management.

Among the conference speakers is Firstbeat’s Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, exercise physiologist and Director of Sports Performance Products. He leads our work for competitive sports with the world’s leading teams and athletes.

Leveraging 10+ years working in sports tech and his own personal experience in competitive sports at the international level, Kurunmäki will present practical examples how technology can help coaches. Using sports technology, coaches can ensure their teams maintain peak performance throughout long, intense seasons.

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About Xsens: Founded in 2000 by Casper Peeters and Per Slycke with the aim of developing motion sensors for measurement of the performance of athletes, Xsens quickly launched its first product for human motion measurement and industrial applications. Today under parent company Movella, Xsens is recognized for its motion tracking and capture products with best-in-class performance, outstanding quality and excellent usability.

About Kinduct: Kinduct’s industry-leading Athlete Management System (AMS) empowers clients by turning data into actionable insights. Integrated with leading companies in the wearables, assessment and data collection sectors, AMS brings together analytics from a wide range of sources. With all performance and injury data on one platform, clients can make informed decisions and produce measurable results.

About Firstbeat: Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that provides data on training loads, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress and recovery in one place. Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics.

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