Finland’s Kuortane Olympic Training Center Continues Supporting Olympic Athletes with Firstbeat

Feb 5 2024 in News

The Kuortane Olympic Training Center in Finland has confirmed it will continue its partnership with Firstbeat for another three years. The Olympic Training Center has been working closely with Firstbeat since 2018, providing accurate physiological data to the Olympic athletes training at the center. With the renewed three-year contract the center can create a clear path helping athletes to cope with training load and advise them in recovery management.

President of the Association of Sport Performance Centers, Director of the Kuortane Olympic Training Centre, Vice-Chairman of the National Finnish Olympic Committee, and Olympic Gold Medallist, Tapio Korjus commented on the partnership:

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Firstbeat Sports. The partnership has played a significant role in the training load and recovery management of our athletes. On a day-to-day basis we do Training Load and Quick Recovery Measurements for our talented young athletes to make sure we keep their training in balance. For athletes that are visiting us only for training camps, we do Stress & Recovery measurements to assess their recovery balance and monitor them remotely.

By using Firstbeat for a longer time we have been able to see what are the physiological performance capabilities of the athletes when they come to us and how they improve during the years with the right training before continuing to professional careers. With the collected data we are able to do physiological performance management even better than before to ensure long-term athlete development from youth to elite level.

It has been nice to see during the years that Firstbeat improves constantly the analysis of physiological markers. One of the key points for us has been the reliability of the data which is the best on the market. If the data wasn’t reliable, it wouldn’t make any sense to monitor anything.”

Firstbeat’s Customer Success Manager, Joel Wenning said:
“The Kuortane Olympic Training Center is one of the best Olympic Training Centers in the world. It goes without saying that we are happy to continue this long-lasting partnership with Kuortane to provide the Finnish Olympic athletes the best recovery and training load management to help them reach their goals. The training load management of an Olympic athlete is like balancing on a knife edge. Therefore, the most accurate data is needed to make the right decisions. “

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