Firstbeat and McLaren F1 team start collaboration

Oct 27 2007 in News

Firstbeat Technologies has developed high-end training and recovery monitoring tools for top sports. Firstbeat methods are based on advanced analysis of heart rate variability. The methods that have already been adopted by world class athletes in endurance and team sports and now in Formula 1. Firstbeat and McLaren have already collaborated for the 2007 season. This collaboration has been extended to seasons 2008-2010. This exclusive arrangement is part of the McLaren Human Performance Program designed to secure performance level of the drivers and other personnel. Key benefits are correct dosing of physical exercise and recovery assessment. Unique heart beat based information on stress level and recovery is valuable in making critical decisions before and after GP races. ”Top athletes need to avoid becoming overstressed. Firstbeat methods have proven as a valuable way of measuring stress and recovery in practice”, states Dr. Aki Hintsa from McLaren. Firstbeat Technologies is a leading provider of heart beat analysis tools for healthy lifestyle promotion, elite sports, and next generation consumer training devices. Finnish newspaper Keskisuomalainen reported on this collaboration in their 27.10.2007 issue.