Firstbeat is turning 20!

Sep 28 2022 in News

Firstbeat Technologies 20 vuotta

For two decades we have been providing accurate heart rate analysis for world-class athletes and anyone seeking to improve their well-being. These past years have been filled with valuable learnings, successes, and new innovations.

 Because of Firstbeat’s Lifestyle Assessment and Firstbeat Life solution, hundreds of thousands of people have gained new insights into their stress & recovery. Firstbeat Sports has supported the training and helped optimize the performance of tens of thousands of elite athletes in the world’s most prestigious sports leagues such as the Champions League, NBA, NHL and several national teams.

Our research team and physiologists have created analytics for hundreds of different wearables –touching the lives of millions of people.

Firstbeat’s mission will always be to enhance people’s well-being, health and performance, one measurement at a time!

Firstbeat Life

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