Firstbeat Life Now Available to Partners – Leading Technology Supports Preventive and Effective Health and Well-Being Services

Sep 10 2021 in News

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The increasing stress and recovery challenges we face highlight the importance of preventive health and wellness services globally. Firstbeat Life meets this need. With reliable measurement data from science-based technology, it now also supports the services of health and well-being professionals to work communities, groups and individuals.

Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based wellness solution that helps promote health, identify potential risks and support users perform at their best. Now, professionals in the field, such as occupational health practitioners and wellness coaches, can also use the accurate and reliable physiological measurement data to support their work.

“The importance of preventive health and well-being services is growing globally as a megatrend,” says Tero Lehtonen, CEO of Firstbeat.

“Managing stress and recovery is especially topical as remote and hybrid working becomes the norm. Many people struggle with the risk of overload and companies are looking for ways to support their employees’ health and capability to work.”

“Firstbeat Life meets this increasing demand. When our measurement technology is integrated into partner services, we can effectively help manage stress and recovery, as well as guide towards healthier lifestyles.”

How Firstbeat Life looks when worn

The easy-to-use Firstbeat Life solution adds effectiveness

The professional technology from Firstbeat Life provides highly accurate physiological measurement data on stress, recovery, sleep and the health effects of exercise. Firstbeat boasts more than 20 years of experience based on science and research.

The Firstbeat Life service, which is suitable for regular use, consists of a personal measuring device, mobile app and partner admin system. Professionals can activate licenses on demand, track the performance of their individual and corporate clients and find key developments.

Once started, each Firstbeat Life user will be able to follow their body’s responses to everyday activities. Regular measurements lasting 1 to 5 days provide a snapshot of one’s own resources and potential challenges to stress and recovery, so that they can also be tackled proactively and the health effects of choices monitored. In work communities, measurements also accumulate anonymous group data, from which the well-being of staff and its development can be monitored.

The Firstbeat Life launch event was held on 9th September – download the recording

Firstbeat Life was launched to the international partner network on Thursday 9th September 2021 in a virtual event. Firstbeat’s experts reviewed the benefits of the service from the perspective of industry professionals, the productization of the service into their own long-term coaching and ongoing customer relationships, Firstbeat Life’s features in support of health and well-being, and technology.

You can download a recording of the event for yourself from our website: download recording

You can also learn more about Firstbeat Life on our website or even start now.

Firstbeat Life for Partners virtual launch recording

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