Firstbeat Sports to Provide Advanced Physiological Analytics for Norrköping Dolphins

Jun 27 2024 in News

Sports Coaching

Four-time Swedish basketball champions Norrköping Dolphins have entered into a new three-year partnership agreement with Firstbeat Sports, giving them access to the most comprehensive physiological analytics in team sports.

Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform solution that provides elite sports teams with data on training load, intensity, fitness, performance readiness, stress, recovery, and more.

The Norrköping Dolphins will join more than 1,000 professional sports teams around the world that use Firstbeat including basketball teams across top leagues such as the NBA, Serie A, BBL, NCAA D1, Liga ACB, and Novo Basquete.

The performance staff will be able to collect, upload, and respond to real-time player data such as TRIMP/min, Training Effect, Movement Load, and Heart Rate Recovery collected using the Firstbeat Sports app and sensor, as well as inform training decisions based on post-session analysis.

The Norrköping Dolphins plan to implement the system immediately in the off-season by monitoring players remotely using the Firstbeat Sports athlete app.

On the partnership, Mikael Stenbom, Norrköping Dolphins’ Head of Sport Science said:

“The Firstbeat Sports system is simple and easy to set up, with a very intuitive UI. The Firstbeat Sports Sensors are very low profile, reducing the invasiveness of the technology which is ideal for our population and sport. And, when it comes to communicating heart rate data to coaches, the Firstbeat UI does a great job of creating visuals that are intuitive and easy to understand.

“Before we decided to go with Firstbeat Sports we did our own research. We had numerous talks with other coaches using the system. All we got was positive feedback so it was a clear choice for us.”

Joel Wenning, Customer Success Manager at Firstbeat said:

“I’m thrilled the Norrköping Dolphins have chosen to incorporate Firstbeat Sports data into their everyday experience of training and recovery. The Dolphins are the most successful basketball club in Sweden, and we are here to support them to achieve their next goals.

Norrköping Dolphins are qualifying for the Basketball Champions League which will increase the game load and demands of the players. Especially in the Champions League, it’s very important to monitor load, recovery, and fatigue levels as there is a lot of travel involved with high-intensity matches.”

About Firstbeat

Firstbeat provides advanced performance analytics for over 1,000 sports teams around the world. Firstbeat Sports is the leading athlete performance management platform, providing data on athlete training load, intensity, fitness, performance readiness, stress, and recovery to optimize performance, reduce injury risk, and fast-track athlete development.


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