Advantage Lubrano Tennis Academy With Five-Year Firstbeat Sports Partnership

Sep 27 2021 in News

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Advantage Lubrano Tennis Academy With Five-Year Firstbeat Sports Partnership

Lubrano Tennis Academy and Firstbeat Sports have agreed a five-year partnership, making the Genoa-based academy the first tennis academy in Italy to use the leading physiological analytics solution.

Firstbeat Sports tracks internal and external load in real time, provides a customizable interface to support recovery monitoring and reduces the risk of injuries.

“The pursuit of excellence is what guides decision making at the Lubrano Tennis Academy,” underlines Marco Lubrano, founder of the academy. “We are interested in the health of the athletes, monitoring them at the highest scientific level and at all times knowing the state of their condition and performance through this high-level equipment. Being the first tennis academy in Italy to do this fills us with pride, as well as knowing that it is an activity carried out also by famous football teams around the world.”

Matteo Viazzo, Country Manager for Firstbeat Sports confirms:

“It will be a productive relationship, driven by attention to detail and the great passion for what is done here. The algorithm allows you to see what the athlete is doing and help them achieve peak performance in the most important parts of the season.”

360-degree Athlete Monitoring

With a strong background in scientific research, Firstbeat is today the leading provider of physiological analytics for sport and wellness, transforming heart rate data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery.

“All this,” explains Matteo Viazzo “allows us to create a sports performance analysis system whereby performance we mean not only competitive performance but the 360-degree monitoring of an athlete. A system is thus developed to monitor the athlete 24 hours a day: by monitoring physical readiness, intensity of the training session, well-being, and recovery.”

“It is a very important qualitative leap for us”, emphasizes Nicolas Villalba, athletic trainer of the Lubrano Tennis Academy. “The collaboration with Firstbeat will give us continuous feedback on the work carried out, being able to understand if the direction is the right one. It will be important to record a profile on every player in the academy, from the youngest to the professional, from the point of view of health and performance. It will be a pleasure to face this challenge.”

Lubrano Tennis Academy

From left to right: Federico Placidilli, Nicolas Villalba, Matteo Viazzo, Giorgia Mortello and Marco Lubrano

With this partnership, the Lubrano Tennis Academy is at the forefront, in the world of Italian tennis academies, in the use of scientific data applied to the performance and well-being of athletes

“We will put our young people in the environment to better prepare themselves and prevent injuries”, underlines Villalba. “We will keep an eye not only on training but also on recovery in sleep and of course we will put everything into a system with the activities of other professionals such as the nutritionist and the experts of the field.”

About Firstbeat: Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that provides data on training loads, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress, and recovery in one place. Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics.

About Lubrano Tennis Academy: Lubrano Tennis Academy is headed by Head Coach Marco Lubrano and his highly specialized staff in Genoa, Italy. The academy operates with a staff of about 13 people including instructors, masters and qualified trainers, who using the most up-to-date training technologies and methods in the gym and on the court.

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