Miami Dolphins Go Long With Firstbeat

The Miami Dolphins have signed a 3-year agreement with Firstbeat, extending a successful partnership that has been running strong since 2018.

The Miami Dolphins have signed a three-year agreement with Firstbeat, extending a successful partnership that has been running strong since 2018. A member of the National Football League (NFL), the Dolphins play in the Eastern division of the American Football Conference. They are part of a large and growing family of professional and collegiate teams that use Firstbeat Sports.

The team have come to rely on the insights they gain from using the Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Sports app solution. Performance measurements, such as Training Effect and Movement Load and Intensity, help staff and athletes understand the impact of training regiments and make fine-tuned adjustments.

The Dolphins leverage the full range of capabilities and services that come with Firstbeat Sports Premium+, a single-platform solution that provides advanced physiological data on training load, intensity, fitness, stress, recovery and much more.

Premium+ gives the Miami Dolphins’ staff advanced customization and reporting options, as well as bespoke training and support from Firstbeat’s team of experts.

Adam Lachance, Miami Dolphins’ Sports Science Coordinator/Strength & Conditioning Assistant:

“Firstbeat Sports has been an essential component of how we monitor our athletes’ performance. The data that is recorded and available on the ‘Live’ and ‘Reporting’ dashboards provides important feedback for both staff and athletes. We are able to gauge the athlete’s current training level and make adjustments accordingly, maximizing the athlete’s capabilities.

Athletes are able to easily interpret Firstbeat’s unique Training Effect score and use this tool to take ownership of their training programs. Our athletes are able to understand why specific training stimuli are being implemented and why certain parameters are being monitored.

Having all of this information readily available on Firstbeat creates fundamental opportunities for communication between the staff and athletes. We have also been impressed by Firstbeat’s commitment to continually improving their system capabilities and user-friendly functionalities.”

John Lally, Pivot Sports and a Firstbeat frontline voice for NFL customers:

“It’s been great to work with Adam Lachance and the Miami Dolphins performance staff – I was pretty certain after visiting the team in 2018 that they would be successful at implementing Firstbeat and utilizing the data collected.

The Dolphins performance staff had a plan for what they wanted to monitor and how they wanted to apply the data and feedback. Throughout the process of implementing Firstbeat, the Dolphins’ staff were committed to utilizing Firstbeat data to strengthen communication with the players and describe fitness improvements or changes in performance.

Ultimately, we all want athletes to understand why we monitor performance, and when athletes can be inspired and engaged by data and science then I feel like I’ve done my job as a technologist and a practitioner.”

The Miami Dolphins start the 2021-22 regular season on September 12 against the New England Patriots.

About Firstbeat: Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that provides data on training loads, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress, and recovery in one place. Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics.

About Miami Dolphins: The Miami Dolphins are a professional American football team founded in 1966 and based in Miami Gardens, Florida. They are a member of the National Football League (NFL) American Football Conference (AFC) Eastern division. The Dolphins are the only NFL team to record a perfect season on their way to the Super Bowl VII championship in 1972. Today their head coach is Brian Flores under General Manager Chris Grier.

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