Project Wellbeing Booster: Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Is a Useful Solution for Enhancing Occupational Wellbeing

Jan 8 2016 in News


The impact of a new digital service was tested in an extensive co-operational occupational wellbeing project. Companies involved in the project were Sitra, Fortum, Kone, Varma, Microsoft, Taltioni and Diacor Healthcare Services and Finland’s Healthcare Services. The project objective was to enhance employee wellbeing with a digital solution and generate notable benefits for business.

The digital solution used was Wellbeing Booster -service which focuses on exercising, mental wellbeing and organizational culture. Over 600 employees were invited to use the service from over five different organizations. The pilot’s participants used the wellbeing service for four to five months.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment was used as a part of the service. The participants measured their heart rate variability with Bodyguard 2 devices and the results were analyzed based on Firstbeat’s analytics. The Lifestyle Assessment received a lot of positive feedback and it was considered as the most useful wellbeing service of the project.

The results of the project were positive at the most. Many of the participants found that the pilot increased their daily activity level and awareness of their wellbeing. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment helped participants to record recovery during sleep and, as a result, also the report showed that participants were more focused more on getting enough sleep.

Many interesting things came up in the pilot. People who participate in wellbeing services focused on exercising generally have already a high activity level. In terms of preparation for working life, it was found that employees of a higher position are clearly more active than other employees. There is also a difference between men and women, as women are more active. In addition, 68% of the participants agreed that the pilot helped them to change some of their health habits.

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