Read the New Case Story: Recovery and Productivity Increased by Lifestyle Assessment

Oct 23 2015 in News

Marjo Huhtala, the founder of Mandare Oy, got her own well-being tested with a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, just at the time when she was starting her own business. Lifestyle Assessment results got her to stop and make a step towards real changes. Especially, the importance of recovery was emphasized in the daily life of the entrepreneur in order to be in a good condition mentally and physically for a long time. Moreover, with the help of Lifestyle Assessment, Huhtala was able to identify actions that enhance recovery and improved her sleep pattern notably.

– I wanted to get some measured information about my lifestyle. During this very eventful life situation, I wondered if I recovered well enough. It is very hard to realize and evaluate one’s own need for it. Lifestyle Assessment helped me to identify stressful situations and ways to manage stress.

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