Firstbeat Success Story: Even “Tough-guys” Need Rest

Dec 8 2015 in News

Wrestling - Firstbeat Sports

Tuomas Simola is a Finnish submission wrestler with a clear goal in mind; to win the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships. His training requires many hours of wrestling practices and complete dedication. Suffering from overtraining, he was forced to slow down and to invest in his well-being. After finding Firstbeat Sports, Simola has been able to learn more about his body functions by monitoring both his training and recovery.

Firstbeat brings major value to my sports career. Their accurate data about my recovery levels affected training areas and plays a key role in my training regime. I have gone through a long process struggling against overtraining. Now I can see if a training was really hard on my body, or if it just felt tough in the moment”, Simola describes.

Firstbeat wishes Tuomas Simola welcome to the team!

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