Turning Heart Rate Variability Data into Meaningful Insights | Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine

Jul 12 2016 in News

Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine

The technology now exists to extract a lot more information from our heart than simply how fast it beats. The Functional Sports Nutrition magazine published a case study written by Tiina Hoffman from Firstbeat about our unique heart rate variability analysis and how we can turn heart rate variability data into meaningful insights.

The article kicks off by stating that optimal performance at work, in sport, and in life can sometimes be quite a balancing act and then looks at the role of the autonomic nervous system and how heart rate variability data can be turned into insights about stress, recovery and exercise, and about how the body is coping overall. In a wider professional context, this provides a powerful preventative tool for lifestyle and wellness coaching, to help people make meaningful lifestyle and behavioural changes.

Read the full article Beyond Heart Rate: Heart Rate Variability, page 20.

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