Using Firstbeat Sports in Training Centers

Success Story with Vierumäki Institute of Finland

Vierumäki – Sports Institute of Finland is the leading sports training centre in the country. Training centre cooperates closely with many sport associations and international partners to develop and carry out athletes’ and coaches’ training and education courses.

The centre offers also wellbeing-related services to corporate sector making Vierumäki an ideal partner for Firstbeat to help the athletes and employees to reach their goals. Both Firstbeat Sports and Lifestyle assessments are being used in Vierumäki on a daily basis.

“Technology is an important part of the modern coaching. Firstbeat Sports software is used for educational coaching programs (Level 3 and 4) in demonstrating the factors that affect on overall training load and recovery. By showing objective numbers and charts on body reactions we can get a new dimension for educational coaching programs” says coach instructor Pia Pekonen.

The teams accommodating in the training center have also an option to use Firstbeat real-time heart rate monitor during the practice and receive detailed analysis on player’s individual loading and to see if the training load corresponds the target of the training. Server synchronization tool makes it also ideal solution for remote coaching.

“We have had athletes wearing Firstbeat Bodyguard devices in their home locations or during the training camps in US, Australia and Asia. The athletes upload the measured data into a server where we can synchronize the data easily and provide instant support in recovery assessments” says Raino Nieminen, Debuty Director of the Sports and Coaching in Vierumäki.