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Smart Training

Performance Management with Smart Training and Firstbeat Sports

The Krefeld Pinguine (Krefeld Penguins) are an ice hockey team in the DEL2, the second tier ice hockey league in Germany, below the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) and ahead of the Oberliga. The team have been utilizing the Firstbeat Sports solution…

Transformative Insights

How Transformative Insights Helps Leaders Improve Well-Being and Sustain High Performance with Firstbeat Life

Erik van den Top is the founder of Transformative Insights, a company which specializes in working with leaders and professionals in organizations to help them be at their very best…

Personal Trainer Shaq Porteous

Offering a Tailored Service to Get More PT Clients with Firstbeat Life Data

Shaq Porteous is an experienced personal trainer and Mental Health and Support Worker for vulnerable young people within the YMCA. Shaq’s passion for enhancing mental health through exercise and movement…

Personal Trainer Joey Bull

Accurately Tracking PT Clients’ Well-being and Deepening Relationships Using Clinically Accurate Data

Joey Bull is a UK Fitness Champion, acclaimed personal trainer, and Bioregulatory Medicine practitioner with a focus on optimising health and wellbeing in midlife clients. With over 30 years’ experience…

Saga Performance

How Saga Performance Uses Firstbeat Life to Help High Performance Coaching Clients

Saga Performance specializes in helping corporates and individuals to reach top level performance using a systems based approach. The company’s founder, Satu Ahlman, uses Firstbeat Life as one of the…

Personal Trainer Janika Hautala

Deeper Client Relationships and Revenue Growth with Additional Services – Firstbeat Life supporting Personal Trainers

Any successful personal trainer knows that demand for your services can easily exceed the number of available working hours you have in a day. Firstbeat Life helps PT Janika Hautala…

SV Fügen

SV Fügen Rises Up the Ranks with Firstbeat Sports

Three years ago, amateur football club SV Fügen decided to try out the Firstbeat Sports solution. Back then, they were playing in the 5th division of the Austrian league. Today,…


Added Safety with Sensor Technology from Firstbeat Sports

ForLife uses Firstbeat Sports for added safety and precision in the demanding physical aptitude tests of first responders.


Smartbeat Brings Data-Driven Wellness to Corporate Health Programs

Smartbeat is a young Dutch startup that uses Firstbeat Life data to coach employee well-being in corporate health programs. Before Smartbeat, founder Mark Verhaegen was a professional consultant running corporate…

Pinoké Heren 1

“Our Dream is not Just to Make the Playoffs, it is to Perform There” – Pinoké Heren Developing Home-Grown Talent With Firstbeat Sports

When the Netherlands’ top hockey division, the Hoofdklasse, was suspended due to Covid, for Pinoké Heren 1 and its assistant coach Craig Sieben, it presented a challenging scenario. The club…