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“It helps illustrate the significant benefits achievable with the right information to help change behavior.”

During a recent visit to Finland KPMG Chief Operations Officer Jason Murray talked about their science based approach and the role Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment plays in his coaching.

Aku Louhimies

Award Winning Finnish Director Aku Louhimies Investigates His Personal Well-being with Firstbeat While Working on National Epic

Aku Louhimies put his wellbeing at test during the filming of the movie The Unknown Soldier. See how the movie director endures the hectic weeks of filming.

Case SentryOne

“The Firstbeat assessment is a good reminder of the importance of balancing the different parts of life.”

SentryOne from Huntersville, North Carolina underwent the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for the third time this October. Here are the results.

Benjamin Peltonen

Firstbeat Under the Lights with Teen Idol Benjamin

The 19-year-old Finnish pop singer, Benjamin Peltonen is the latest celebrity to gain insight from Firstbeat’s Lifestyle Assessment services.

Lauri Tähkä

Firstbeat Under the Lights with Finnish Pop Icon Lauri Tähkä

Tähkä recently brought Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment on the road and under the lights to quantify the impact of travel and performance on his body.

Global Game Jam

How Does a 48-hour Game Development Event Affect the Body?

We analyzed the stress and recovery levels of two Finnish Game Jam organizers to see how they dealt with the hectic weekend of game development.

Case National Health Service, UK

Delivering Better Healthcare: Watch the Video on how NHS Ambulance Workers Improved Their Well-Being

Firstbeat partner Optima Life helped the employees of the NHS North West Ambulance Service to perform and cope better at work as well as in everyday life.

Case Marjo Huhtala

Recovery and Productivity Increased by Lifestyle Assessment

Marjo Huhtala, the founder of Mandare Oy, got her well-being tested with the Lifestyle Assessment, just at the time when she was starting her own business.

Case HR4

Assessing the Recovery of HR and Research Professionals

HR and research professionals received information about their own recovery and the balance between working life, well-being and leisure.

Case Salo

Over 1500 Lifestyle Assessments Made in Salo – And to Be Continued

As of Spring 2015 in the city of Salo, approximately 1500 Lifestyle Assessments had been performed along with nearly 300 follow-up measurements.