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Susanna Rahkamo, Pertec Consulting

All Leadership Stems from Self-Leadership

Susanna Rahkamo talks about the importance of self-leadership in her work, observing that it is difficult to lead others if you can’t lead yourself.

Teuvo Teräväinen

NHL Player Teuvo Teräväinen Takes a Look at His Training with Firstbeat

Teuvo Teräväinen, 22, plays Center for the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes. Having just finished his fourth season in the league, he recently participated in the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to learn more about the impacts of training on his body and for clues about how to find the right balance between stress and recovery.

Dr. Erica Thieman, University of Illinois

Concrete Life-Changing Evidence with Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments

Dr. Erica Thieman has utilized Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in her efforts with professionals working in socially demanding jobs.

The Dudesons

Meanwhile in Finland Presents: Firstbeat Analytics Reveal The Dudesons’ Stress Level in the Wackiest Race Ever

On the second episode on “Meanwhile in Finland”, the Dudesons compete in a triathlon of their own kind, utilizing Firstbeat´s tecnology.

Antti Tolvanen

Fierce Race, Speedy Pace

The results of Firstbeat’s Lifestyle Assessment helped ice cross downhill rider Antti Tolvanen investigate the relationship between personal fitness, training, recovery and peak performance.


“It helps illustrate the significant benefits achievable with the right information to help change behavior.”

During a recent visit to Finland KPMG Chief Operations Officer Jason Murray talked about their science based approach and the role Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment plays in his coaching.

Aku Louhimies

Award Winning Finnish Director Aku Louhimies Investigates His Personal Well-being with Firstbeat While Working on National Epic

Aku Louhimies put his wellbeing at test during the filming of the movie The Unknown Soldier. See how the movie director endures the hectic weeks of filming.

Case SentryOne

“The Firstbeat assessment is a good reminder of the importance of balancing the different parts of life.”

SentryOne from Huntersville, North Carolina underwent the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for the third time this October. Here are the results.

Benjamin Peltonen

Firstbeat Under the Lights with Teen Idol Benjamin

The 19-year-old Finnish pop singer, Benjamin Peltonen is the latest celebrity to gain insight from Firstbeat’s Lifestyle Assessment services.

Lauri Tähkä

Firstbeat Under the Lights with Finnish Pop Icon Lauri Tähkä

Tähkä recently brought Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment on the road and under the lights to quantify the impact of travel and performance on his body.