Firstbeat Life Update: Notes for Results That Need Extra Attention

We have made improvements to our analysis and added notes in the Firstbeat Life app about ‘Continuous overload’ and ‘Health check recommendations’ based on measurement results. Please note that you might now see an orange or red exclamation mark on your previous measurement results. The exclamation mark will show under “Results” in the app. Make sure your app is updated to the latest version 1.2.6 to receive these notes.

results requiring attention

If the measurement results indicate continuous overload that requires extra attention, you will now see an orange or red exclamation mark next to your measurement result. Click on it to receive more information.

Orange exclamation mark means that the results of a particular measurement continuously showed signs of overloading. By clicking the exclamation mark you will get more detailed information about why you have received the note and advice on how to avoid overloading.

Red explanation mark suggests that you turn to a health care specialist to find out the reasons for the continuous overload you are experiencing. Click the exclamation mark to get more information.

What are the notes based on?

The notes are based on physiological criteria. The reasons may be, for example, abnormally weak recovery, high heart rate, or low heart rate variability without a known reason. You must have measured at least a combined duration of six days and nights to meet the analysis criteria. The required duration can be completed by a single six-day measurement or by combining shorter measurements (for example two three-day measurements).

Please also note that part of the previously completed (before September 2020) Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment results are shown under results in the Firstbeat Life app. As a result of this update, you might also have received an exclamation mark on some of your older measurement results from previous months. If you have since completed measurements that do not show an exclamation mark, you do not need to act on the old note. However, it is good practice to regularly check on your current well-being by completing a measurement with Firstbeat Life.

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