Notifications on Poor Recovery: Take a Proactive Approach to Your Health

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Physiological data can reveal how your body is coping with everyday life. But how do you know when you need to address certain issues? Personalized notifications in the Firstbeat Life solution let you know when your measurement results need extra attention.

When it comes to looking after health and well-being, the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ is one to avoid. The more we know, the more we can learn how to make the right decisions and set ourselves up to be healthier and more productive.

When something looks out of the ordinary, it is important we know about it. But how do we know when we are heading down the wrong wellness road? Our bodies – and how they react to different life situations – tell the story. Firstbeat Life’s accurate physiological heart rate variability data beyond that available in standard consumer wearables means you don’t miss the early warning signs that something isn’t quite right.

Spotting the Warning Signs in Time

Of course, we aren’t superheroes. No matter how ‘good’ our lifestyle, genetics, or diet is, we will all have days where our recovery doesn’t balance out the stress we experienced. Or nights where we struggle to get a good sleep.

If these issues become chronic (or long-term) it is important to seek out specialist advice or take necessary action. Firstbeat Life lets you know when this is the case using unique in-app notifications. Being aware of potential problem areas at an early stage can also help prevent things from escalating. The earlier you recognize harmful habits or physiological changes, the easier it is to address them.

Notifications on Results that Require Attention

Firstbeat Life is a unique wellness solution that helps you reach your health and performance potential with science-backed confidence by turning sleep, recovery, stress, and physical activity data into actionable insights. The pro-grade measurements and reliable data provides truly personalized guidance about where introducing small change can produce positive results.

The Notifications feature in Firstbeat Life app is there to notify you if your results require extra attention and can be used as part of preventative healthcare.

If your measurement results repeatedly show poor recovery, a high heart rate (HR) level, or low heart rate variability (HRV) without an explanation, Firstbeat Life will alert you and recommend next steps.

How and Why Do I Get Firstbeat Life Notifications?

To trigger notifications, at least six measured days are required – either as a single period or in several segments (for example, two three-day measurements). They are only sent when one of the following criteria is met:

  • Exceptionally low amount or weak recovery across the six days
  • Average HRV during sleep was less than 10 ms.
  • HR didn’t drop below 70bpm across the six days, including during sleep

If one of these applies to your results, you will receive an in-app notification in the form of an orange or red exclamation mark next to a measurement result in the app. The color denotes the severity of the notification with red being more serious than orange.

Clicking on the exclamation mark will give you more information.

Poor Recovery Notification with Orange Exclamation Mark:

This means the results are repeatedly showing signs of excessive load. The notification is accompanied by more details on why you received it, and next steps to take to address the situation.

Health Check Recommendation with Red Exclamation Mark:

Analysis shows you are experiencing continuous overload. The notification is accompanied by a suggestion to see a healthcare specialist to find out why you may be experiencing continuous overload or irregular results.

Below is an example where Firstbeat Life has identified a period of particularly poor recovery and the user has received a Notification:

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Image: User can see they have a notification when viewing their measurement results. Clicking on the exclamation mark leads the user to specific advice and information depending on what criteria triggered the notification. In this case, poor recovery.

Know When to Act

Notifications are not there to make you panic but help you act when needed. If you get one, it is time to stop and think about your next steps. Why did you get the notification? What could you do to manage the load and increase your resources? Do you need help and support to take care of your health? If you get a red notification, contact your provider and follow-up the situation actively.

This valuable feature can help recognize and react to the early signs of issues like burnout that, if left unchecked, could cause more serious issues down the road and point users in the direction of professional support when needed.

Think of it like a safety net during everyday life that helps prevent health risks before it’s too late.

Taking notice and listening to the advice provided is one way to help support your health and well-being over the short and long-term.

Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based wellness solution. Learn how it can help you, and your company, reach health and performance potential.

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