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Firstbeat Attending the 4th Athletik-Konferenz in Germany

1 Sep @ Hennef, Germany

1 Sep

This year’s Athletik-Konferenz ATK will take place on September 1-3 in Hennef, Germany. In recent years, the ATK has become one of the most important cross-sport events and contact platform for competitive sport. Expertise, innovative approaches, methodological developments and technologies can be found on spot for a closer look and testing.

Two special highlights are the presentations on monitoring: “Workloads and Injury” by Tim Gabbett, who unites scientific expertise with applicable solutions for the field with a special interest in football. Second in line is the talk of Johannes Egelseer, the athletics coach of German Ice Hockey Federation and Fischtown Pinguins, on “Athletics Training and Monitoring in the German Ice Hockey Federation: Challenges and Implementation of Effective Preparations for the Home World Cup 2017.”

Firstbeat’s expert Christoph Rottensteiner will be at the event to introduce you to Firstbeat Sports, a complete solution to optimize training load and recovery. If you would like to arrange a meeting with Christoph in advance, feel free to contact him directly via email or by phone +358 45 168 8200.

For further information on the ATK, program, registration and partners can be found on the official website.

Read the Tim Gabbett webinar summary


Christoph Rottensteiner

Christoph Rottensteiner Ph.D., Country Manager DACH, Firstbeat

Christoph Rottensteiner holds a doctoral degree in sports science from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. From 2010 to 2014, the native-born Grazer worked as a research assistant at the Finnish Olympic training center KIHU in a national longitudinal research project. His passion for scientific analysis of physiological data, technological innovation and professional sports in all its facets finally brought him to Firstbeat, where he has been head of the German-speaking region since 2014.

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