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Firstbeat Participating in IIHF International Coaching Symposium

13 May

13 May

Organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation, this year’s IIHF International Coaching Symposium is held on May 13–14 in Cologne, Germany, during Ice Hockey World Championships. The event gathers well-known international experts that share their insights about long-term player development, leadership and off-ice training. Among the speakers are Tommy Bousted, a General Manager of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, Alpo Suhonen, a coach with five-decade experience, and Dr. Steven Norris, a sport scientist of Sport, Business and Military groups.

About 350 renowned coaches from all over the world are to be expected in the Symposium. Firstbeat’s professional sports manager Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki and sales and research manager Christoph Rottenstreiner are representing Firstbeat Sports in the Marriot Hotel and look forward to meeting visitors and participants.

A week before IIHF, also in Cologne on May 6–7, the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) Coaching Symposium attracts about 250 trainers from Germany and abroad. Firstbeat, as one the co-operators of the event, welcomes all visitors to visit them at the Lindner Hotel.

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