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Meet Firstbeat at the 4th MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference

15 Nov

15 Nov

Firstbeat is proud to sponsor the 4th MEDICA Medicine + Sports Conference.

This major international event will take place during MEDICA, the world’s largest medical tradefair, November 15-16 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The gathering will bring sports medicine experts, professional athletes, and representatives in the healthcare industry together for an interdisciplinary exchange on topics of prevention, therapy and recovery.

The Sports + Medicine conference will feature two days of lectures by invited experts, who will offer a roadmap for the future of sports medicine through the year 2030. Their visions will be supplemented with details about today’s cutting-edge monitoring and analysis technologies that are rapidly changing the way we think about training and competition.

Over 600 elite sports teams worldwide rely on Firstbeat Sports for accurate and easily accessible performance and recovery data. Elite teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and nearly every major professional European soccer league use Firstbeat Sports to evaluate athlete training loads, track fatigue accumulation and to build highly personalized athlete profiles based on each player’s unique physiology. The result is an informed approach to coaching that simultaneously maximizes performance and reduces risk of injury.

Firstbeat’s head of advanced physiology research, Tero Myllymäki, will offer insight on the topic of Evaluating the Physiological Effects of Training: From Science to Coaching Practice. Attendees will gain insight into how analysis of heart rate and heart rate variability can be used to inform coaching decisions for better performance while reducing risk of player injury. Before joining Firstbeat, Myllymäki worked as a researcher and authored 29 scientific publications or conference papers and 3 articles in published books. His areas of expertise include stress research, sleep, and physiology of training.

His presentation will take place November 16th in the afternoon session scheduled for 2-4pm. The full abstract of his presentation can be found here.


Members of the Firstbeat team, including Sales and Research Manager Christoph Rottensteiner, Ph.D, will be on hand in Congress Center South Room2 of the Messe Düsseldorf throughout the event.

Media and Business Inquiries: To schedule a private conversation with Firstbeat during the event, contact Christoph Rottensteiner,

Firstbeat will also be joining MEDICA as part of the Wearable Technology Show.

Learn more about that event, here.

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