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Slush 2016: Firstbeat Innovations Propel Next Generation Health and Fitness Technologies

30 Nov

30 Nov

Firstbeat will be front and center at Slush 2016, as the tech world shifts its focus to Helsinki for Europe’s leading startup event. With an expected 15,000 attendees and nearly a million live stream viewers, this rapidly growing event will bring startups, venture capitalists, and journalists from around the world together to showcase the industries of the future.

Over the past decade, Firstbeat innovations have become synonymous with the ability of technology to translate heartbeat data into accurate, highly-personalized feedback for health, fitness and performance applications. The global importance of this work accompanied by rapid growth, both in terms of revenue and hiring, recently resulted in Firstbeat’s receiving Finland’s National Entrepreneurial Award. Recipients of this prestigious award are selected by Yrittäjät, the Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

Collaboration with leading consumer technology brands has been a common theme of the firm’s success. Garmin, Sony, Samsung, Suunto, Microsoft, Bosch and most recently Huawei have all developed devices that incorporate Firstbeat’s unique digital physiological modeling capabilities. As a result, millions of people around the world are gaining new insights and perspectives that place lifestyle and training decisions on firm ground.

In addition to these collaborative efforts, Firstbeat also thrives in preventive healthcare and professional sports sectors, where the company offers customized solutions under their own brand. The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment has been performed for over 150,000 individuals as the cornerstone of corporate wellness programs and individualized preventive health initiatives. Meanwhile, over 600 elite sport teams around the world, including nearly half of the NHL, rely on Firstbeat Sports solutions to monitor player training loads and recovery. This is a critical to injury reduction efforts and implementing optimized training protocols that ensure peak performance is available when needed most.

All three business areas – consumer technology, health and wellbeing, and sports – will be on display at Slush 2016, as members of the Firstbeat team reveal the best of what Finland has to offer the world.

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