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Firstbeat at Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Forum 2019 | 7 November 2019

7 Nov @ Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf, London

7 Nov

Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Forum 2019 - Firstbeat

Firstbeat is sponsoring the Workplace Wellbeing & Stress Forum 2019 in London on November 7.

The forum will showcase the best practice and key trends in workplace well-being and stress management and the list of speakers includes representatives from leading businesses in the public and private sector. Topics at this year’s event include: Mental Health, Workplace Culture, Emerging Trends, and Demonstrating Value.

Join Tiina Hoffman, Firstbeat Master Trainer, at 11:55 for her talk, ‘The Impact of a Good Night’s Sleep on Well-Being, Resilience and Performance’. Tiina will be providing insights from thousands of measurement datapoints and insights into the knock-on effects of poor sleep on employee performance and wellness.

Visit Firstbeat’s booth at the event for more information on the Lifestyle Assessment and how our advanced performance analytics help every individual reach their health and performance potential.

For more information visit the event website.


Tiina Hoffman

Tiina Hoffman Exercise Physiologist & Master Trainer, Firstbeat @Tiinafbt

Tiina is an Exercise Physiologist who works at Firstbeat as a Wellness Specialist. Growing up as a skier, Tiina spent 4 years cross-country ski racing and later 4 year coaching at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. After moving back to Finland, she found her way to Firstbeat after several years in overtraining and heart rate variability field studies at the Research Institute for Olympic Sports and the University of Jyväskylä. To maintain a good balance in her own life, she enjoys the outdoors – kayaking, hiking, xc-skiing and escaping to her cabin in the woods.

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