Firstbeat appointed an official Sports Science Product Provider to St. Georges Park

Firstbeat is proud to announce that it has been selected as a Sports Science Provider to St. George’s Park. The facility, home to the new National Football Centre, is owned by the England FA and will allow players, coaches, guests and athletes from all sports to access the very best medical and sports science facilities on site. Additionally, Spire Perform will use Firstbeat in a number of their educational and support offerings that are designed for businesses. The facility will use both Firstbeat Sports and Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments and collect heart rate and heart rate variability data with Firstbeat belts and the Bodyguard.

Dr. Ian Beasley, Head of Medical Services at the Football Association commented:

“Having a measure of recovery, understanding players’ readiness to train and play, and how they rest, and cope with stress gives us a real edge when it comes to performance. Firstbeat can deliver this for us. We look forward to a successful partnership”

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