New Integration Between Firstbeat Sports and Opteamal to Optimize Athlete Monitoring

Jun 29 2022 in News

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New Integration Between Firstbeat Sports and Opteamal to Optimize Athlete Monitoring

Firstbeat is delighted to announce its API integration partnership with Opteamal, a European-based data integration platform for team sports that transforms data into actionable information.

Opteamal’s solution consists of a box of building blocks which are scientifically validated and created in cooperation with universities, sport scientists, and other professionals to generate exactly what management, performance, and medical staff needs to manage their team. This optimizes daily workflow and operations more efficiently.

The integration with Opteamal means that Firstbeat Sports’ load and recovery data is now even more accessible, creating a more seamless user experience for Opteamal and Firstbeat’s mutual clients. On the partnership, Firstbeat’s Christoph Rottensteiner said:

Opteamal Sports Analytics has a growing presence in elite sports in Benelux countries and across Europe, and we share a number of clients who have requested this API integration. We are, therefore, delighted to be able to cater to their needs through this collaboration. By making Firstbeat Sports’ load and recovery data accessible within the Opteamal platform our hope is to provide an even greater user experience that allows coaches and teams to view the data they need, when they need it, with minimal fuss”.

For Opteamal, the integration with Firstbeat is important for staying up to date with the latest technologies and innovative sensor data, creating new data sources and overview that helps management and coaches to do their jobs even better.

We are able to map the time series from Firstbeat to other sensors technologies, so coaches or analysts are able to analyze data in one overview coming from different sources.

“We are very pleased with the integration of Firstbeat. Now we can offer more insights and in-depth analyses to our joint partners” said Opteamal’s Founder, Bernd Van Werde.

What makes the integration with Firstbeat so special is that Opteamal can map the time series from Firstbeat to other sensors, so trainers or analysts are able to analyze data coming from different sources, meaning they save a lot of time they can invest in other activities.

Users can compare individual athletes with players of the same position or specific position, with the rest of the team or with his own (game) benchmark.

Belgian football club and Firstbeat and Opteamal mutual client Oud-Heverlee Leuven said:

“Opteamal ensures that the data stream from Firstbeat Sports is automatically processed and linked to other sensor data. This saves our coaches a lot of time that they can invest elsewhere.”

About Firstbeat: Firstbeat provides advanced performance analytics for over 1,000 sports teams around the world. Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that provides data on training load, intensity, fitness, performance readiness, stress, and recovery to optimize performance, reduce injury risk and fast-track athlete development.

About Opteamal: Opteamal is the solution for data integration in team sports that quickly transforms all kinds of data into actionable information. In addition, artificial intelligence is used to gain new insights that help all stakeholders make the right decisions.

Find more information about Firstbeat Sports’ API Data Management here.

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