Firstbeat Sports Data Now Visible in gpexe Using API Integration

Feb 11 2021 in News

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Firstbeat Sports Data Now Visible in gpexe Using API Integration

Firstbeat Sports’ advanced performance analytics for training and recovery are now visible inside the gpexe wearable tracking platform thanks to a new API integration between the two athlete monitoring solutions.

Gpexe uses a GPS device to track movement, speed, and position of athletes. The direct integration of Firstbeat’s comprehensive internal load and recovery data into the gpexe software will complement the Italian company’s external load data as coach and athlete can view and compare both data sets in the same platform.

Teams using both the gpexe and Firstbeat Sports solutions for athlete monitoring will now be able to complete the training picture by seamlessly integrating Firstbeat data to the gpexe web app or Cloud browser – reducing workload and increasing access to actionable insights.

S.S. Lazio are one of those taking advantage of the API integration already. Fabio Ripert, Head of Performance at the Serie A and UEFA Champions League side said:

“The integration between Firstbeat Sports and gpexe allows us to compare internal load data with data provided by gpexe on the same platform so we don’t have to switch between the two. This allows us to verify that every player achieves the goals set for training and to immediately understand the response of each player to the proposed work. And, as a result, we’re able to verify their physical status.”

Firstbeat Sports API | gepexe

Selecting which athlete data to import from Firstbeat Sports to gpexe.

Valerio Roberti, CEO at Exelio, the Italian-based developer of gpexe, said:

“At Exelio, we pursue a partnership policy that sees us work with disrupting, growing tech companies. Our partners are highly innovative when it comes to metrics used to describe performance, and collaborations like this one with Firstbeat Sports are sealed by integrating our technologies.

“By integrating the two cloud-based systems we are introducing a new possibility for gpexe users who are also Firstbeat customers. Now, it only takes one click to import Firstbeat’s physiological data into the gpexe web app. This furthers our goal of ensuring the gpexe app is used not only for tracking data, but a place for external systems to connect or data to be entered directly by the user.”

Firstbeat Sports Country Manager, Italy, Matteo Viazzo, said:

This API integration with the gpexe solution is another big step on our journey to providing coaches and teams with the best user experience when it comes to Firstbeat Sports data.

“The streamlined process – with clients who use both systems able to easily import and view our internal load and recovery data alongside gpexe’s external load metrics – instantly reduces workload and ensures coaches can access and compare the data that matters most to them, when they need it most. This includes our popular Quick Recovery Test and metrics like TRIMP and Training Effect. 

This collaboration is the next step in developing our digital eco-system to meet the needs of our users.”  

Alongside gpexe, Firstbeat Sports data can be imported into the likes of Kinduct, Kinexon, Kitman Labs, Smartabase and SAP and ApolloV2 via an API integration. The Garmin Health API, meanwhile, allows activity data recorded using a Garmin wearable device to be visible inside the Firstbeat Sports solution. 

Firstbeat Sports API | gpexe

Heartrate data from Firstbeat Sports integrated and visible in the gpexe report.

About Firstbeat: Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that provides data on training loads, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress, and recovery in one place. Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics.

About gpexe: gpexe is a system (by Exelio) developed to analyze the physical performance of athletes. It offers gpexe pro² , a wearable device with a high-frequency GPS receiver for tracking the position and speed of the player. The data collected is calculated to evaluate the intensity of the performance and can be visualized on the gpexe web app. It also allows real-time tracking using the iPad app “gpexe live”.

Find more information about Firstbeat Sports’ API Data Management here.

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