Firstbeat Update on the Coronavirus Situation

Mar 16 2020 in News

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The exceptional and still expanding situation relating to coronavirus is impacting us all. At Firstbeat, we’re doing everything we can to slow down the spreading of the disease, take care of our health and well-being, and provide our partners, clients and customers with the support and services they need.

We’re Working Remotely

Our staff has started working remotely whenever possible and planned meetings and group events have been moved online. As normal, Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment personal coaching sessions about the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment can be held via the phone. We’re happy to help with the practicalities and schedules to make this as smooth as possible.

Possible Delays on Deliveries

As many countries have set restrictions on travelling and logistics, some delays might occur on our international deliveries especially. We’re working with our logistics partners to deliver the orders to the best of our ability and would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by possible delays.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment can be Also Done When Working Remotely

Doing the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is not recommended when sick, but if you feel healthy you can do the measurement when working remotely or at home, and find out how your body is reacting to stress and recovery in that environment. This way you can find ways to enhance your well-being and maximize your remote working days. If you would rather postpone an assessment anyway, please contact your own Firstbeat contact or

In case there has been a long delay on delivering your Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, the battery of the device might be empty. We recommend charging it before starting the measurement. Here you can find the instructions for charging the device.

Using Firstbeat Sports for Remote Training

In this situation where games and leagues are being postponed and athletes advised to self-isolate for a significant period of time, traditional training and team environments are being tested.

Firstbeat Sports users can take advantage of a number of features available to them such as Garmin Health API and Analytics Assistance to make sure athletes are able to maintain effective fitness and training regimes throughout this period – even when they’re unable to be present at the team facility. If you are a Firstbeat Sports user contact your Firstbeat contact for more information, or email

Prioritize Your Well-being

We’d like to remind you that taking care of your well-being is important during this time. As work- and daily life changes rapidly, the amount of stress increases. It’s good to focus on getting enough recovery. Restorative sleep, exercise and outdoor activities as well as social relationships – even though via the internet or a phone – are the cornerstones of our well-being during these exceptional times.

Let’s take care of each other and ourselves!

Team Firstbeat

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