French Ice Hockey Federation Renews Partnership Between Firstbeat and Women’s National Teams

Jun 9 2022 in News

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French Ice Hockey Federation Renews Partnership Between Firstbeat and Women’s National Teams

The French Ice Hockey Federation (FFHG) has announced that it will continue its partnership with Firstbeat Sports’ athlete monitoring solution for use with their senior and junior Women’s National Teams.

The partnership, which began in 2021, has proved to be advantageous for the women’s French National Ice Hockey Team for multiple reasons. Grégory Tarlé, Head Coach, says about the partnership:

“We are very grateful for the partnership with Firstbeat, which meets a real need for monitoring our athletes’ performance. Firstbeat seems to be the most effective and science-based solution to help staff and athletes during training camps or remotely when players are competing with their teams.

Monitoring players on a physical level is easier with Firstbeat, and it also makes it possible to customize and individualize their training programs. This solution allows a good management of workload as well as fatigue for athletes during tournaments and major competitions.”

Firstbeat Sports data has been used in ice hockey for over a decade, with over half of NHL franchises and several national federations utilizing the technology as part of their training and recovery guidance including the likes of Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks.

For Firstbeat, the continuation of the partnership with the FFHG highlights the need for sports teams to have highly customizable athlete monitoring solutions that can be adjusted according to their training needs and used remotely as well as during group sessions.

On the partnership with FFHG, Christoph Rottensteiner, Firstbeat Sports Manager in Europe says:

“The special challenges that associations such as the FFHG faces – athletes are not available every day like in a club, high fluctuation in the respective national squads and in courses has enabled us to provide the best possible customized monitoring solutions in the field of athlete performance management.

With the Firstbeat Sports solution, players from the FFHG have the opportunity to track their data in team level practice, so that the club, association and the players are all able to view and work with their data”.

The continuation of the FFHG and Firstbeat partnership comes ahead of the IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship which takes place in Denmark from August 26 – to September 4, 2022.

About FFHG: Formed in 2006, the French Ice Hockey Federation has 21,000 members and more than 120 affiliated clubs. The FFHG organizes the SYNERGLACE Magnus League, an elite ice hockey championship, and the Coupe de France, the final of which at Paris Bercy brings together nearly 14,000 spectators. The France Senior Men’s team is participating in the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Finland, while the France Women’s team will play in the 2023 World Elite. France co-organized the Ice Hockey World Championship with Germany in 2017.

About Firstbeat: Firstbeat provides advanced performance analytics for over 1,000 sports teams around the world. Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that provides data on training load, intensity, fitness, performance readiness, stress, and recovery to optimize performance, reduce injury risk and fast-track athlete development.

Images: FFHG

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