Jokerit Helsinki Optimizing Performance and Recovery

Sep 29 2014 in News

Sports Coaching

Jokerit Helsinki uses Firstbeat Sports system to find balance between loading and recovery

Jokerit Helsinki ice hockey is playing their first season in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). The team started to apply Firstbeat Sports in order to be better prepared for tight game rhythm and travelling.

Because of the long distances, the away games are often played as tours in the KHL. Jokerit’s first away game tour lasted for nine days and included four games and 6200 kilometres of travelling.

–    We have been aware that we would face these kinds of away game tours. We have been preparing ourselves for the season aiming for the players to be in good physical condition and able to handle this load. So that they would be fresh in every game, Head Coach Erkka Westerlund explains.

Optimizing recovery plays a big role in planning the schedule and program for the tours. Travelling is organized in a way that enables optimizing recovery by ensuring that the players have enough time to recover.

–    We are hoping that the players will learn individual ways to enhance recovery and to fall asleep quickly after the game, Westerlund notes.

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