London’s Top Personal Trainer Luke Worthington Becomes Ambassador for Firstbeat Life

Jul 18 2022 in News

Firstbeat Life

Luke Worthington

15  JULY – London’s most acclaimed personal trainer, Luke Worthington, has been named as the first PT ambassador for Firstbeat Life, world-leading wellness technology for fitness professionals.

Luke Worthington is an internationally renowned personal trainer with over 20 years of experience within the industry. Luke has trained a variety of clients from Hollywood A-listers to Olympic athletes and professional football players. Now, Luke is integrating Firstbeat Life into his offering so he is able to provide his clients with the most personalised training ever, using in-depth, accurate data recorded by the Firstbeat device.

By integrating Firstbeat Life into his service as a PT, Luke can provide his cliental with a deeper offering that looks after their holistic wellbeing as well as their physical training. On the partnership Luke says:

Most of my clients are high profile individuals with demanding schedules, changing time zones and lots going on in their lives. So, the conversations I’ve been having with clients in recent years has been more about what’s happening outside of the gym and the impact that may have on their overall wellbeing as well as their physical.”

Luke adds, “Through Firstbeat Life, I can measure heart rate variability which gives a very accurate way to track client’s stress, recovery and sleep and therefore provide an indication of their overall wellbeing. I can then make meaningful changes to their routines and workouts, to optimise performance.”

World Leaders in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Tracking and Monitoring

In addition to more than 10,000 employers, Firstbeat’s pioneering technology is also used by professional athletes and sports teams around the world, such as Manchester United and Arsenal F.C. to track and monitor performance and recovery. Now all fitness professionals, including personal trainers, coaches, as well as their clients will be able to benefit from the technology too.

“We’ve seen the incredible impact on wellbeing our technology can have on the sporting world and now we’re thrilled to be bringing it to the fitness industry too,” says Toby Murray, Head of Sales at Firstbeat.

Toby adds, “Luke is a trusted and well-established trainer whose ethos on delivering a truly holistic level of training, and focusing on science aligns well with the Firstbeat Life proposition and we’re excited to have him onboard.”

Luke Worthington, Firstbeat Life

“Through Firstbeat Life, I can measure heart rate variability which gives a very accurate way to track client’s stress, recovery and sleep and therefore provide an indication of their overall wellbeing.” Says Worthington.

Firstbeat Life for Fitness Professionals

Firstbeat Life is world-leading wellness technology, backed by scientific data from Firstbeat. It enables personal trainers and coaches to delve deep into the health status of their clients by accurately tracking variables such as stress, recovery, sleep, and physical activity.

Fitness professionals can find out more information about how Firstbeat Life can benefit them and their clients here.

How Does It Work?

The compact Firstbeat Bodyguard 3 device, a clinical-grade ECG heart rate monitor, is worn by clients for periods of 1-5 days, which precisely and reliably measures their HRV. The data is then fed back to the client and trainer through the Firstbeat Life app and admin tools. The data reveals the stress and recovery levels of the client, as well as the restorative effect of their sleep.

Firstbeat Life supports well-being

The data reveals the stress and recovery levels of the client, as well as the restorative effect of their sleep.

More Personal and More Effective

Firstbeat Life brings clinical-grade ECG data into the hands of the fitness professional. It keeps them connected to their clients so they can offer an unrivalled personal training service that always takes wellbeing factors such as stress, recovery, sleep and exercise into account. Firstbeat Life enables trainers to build deeper connections with their clients by offering them a much more personalised and tailored service that can reveal the true state of their wellbeing.

Business Growth with Firstbeat Life

The Firstbeat Life model also allows professionals to level up their payment structure as well as the services they offer. The added value Firstbeat Life brings allows trainers and coaches to increase their hourly rates and offer additional services to their clients. By integrating the pioneering technology into their offering, trainers can strengthen client relationships, promote engagement, and increase retention.

Firstbeat Life for Clients

By working with a trainer that integrates Firstbeat Life into their services, clients are educated about their own training, lifestyle, and stress-recovery balance. By having a greater awareness of their own stress and recovery metrics clients can work with their trainer to exercise more efficiently, develop positive lifestyle habits, and ultimately live a happier and healthier life.

Find out further information at

Notes to Editor

  • Firstbeat’s technology is based on 20 Years of scientific research and work with professional athletes and top companies
  • Firstbeat provides advanced performance analytics for stress, recovery, and exercise.
  • 1,000 elite sports teams, 26 national teams, 100+ NCAA programs and >50% NHL teams rely on Firstbeat sports.
  • Football teams currently using Firstbeat Sports include: Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Plus 25% of Champions League teams.
  • Firstbeat work with 10,000 organisations and around 1,000 partners globally
  • Firstbeat’s technology has led to an 88% increase in wellness programme engagement, 85% increase of work efficiency, and 30% decrease in sick days taken.
  • HRV Definition: The heart can provide a vast amount of information about our body because heart rate is constantly adjusting to meet the demands of our everyday life. For this reason, heart rate is never constant – the time difference between two consecutive heartbeats changes from beat to beat. This variation is called heart rate variability (HRV).

Firstbeat Life for Personal Trainers

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