Winning Teams Personalize Recovery: Case Oulun Kärpät Ice Hockey

Mar 31 2016 in News

Sports Coaching

Ice hockey team Oulun Kärpät from the Finnish primary league Liiga has been using the Firstbeat Sports solution for a year now. Head Coach Lauri Marjamäki emphasizes the importance of the information provided by Firstbeat Sports for the players in addition to the coaching staff.

“The information it offers is particularly important for the athletes themselves, as they become interested in their own professional careers and take responsibility for their own development”, Marjamäki notes.

In addition to the Head Coach, also the players appreciate having objective measurement data to support their decision making.

“Firstbeat Sports helps me decide whether I should go to the gym or take it easy the next day”, Defence Lasse Kukkonen sums up.

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