Sports Podcast - Episode 9published 20 Nov 2019

A Holistic Approach to Athlete Development – With Mark Egner, William & Mary Field Hockey – Ep. 9

Welcome to the Firstbeat Sports Podcast where we talk with coaches and sports scientists to explore the latest in performance monitoring and how it is making a difference in NCAA and pro sports alike. We’re going to connect you with practical advice from the best in the business to help you take your athletes to the next level.

On the line today is Mark Egner. Mark is Associate Head Field Hockey Coach at the College of William and Mary. He’s also worked with USA Field Hockey and with the national youth teams in his native Ireland.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Weekly schedule of a top 25 program
  • Holistic approach to athlete development
  • Pre-season and in-season load management
  • Defending from the front
  • Natural traits of exceptional players

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  • Discussing William & Mary’s NCAA ranking (1:36)
  • Mark’s career pathway (2:38)
  • A typical week for field hockey program (6:55)
  • The keys to William & Mary’s recent success (11:20)
  • Mark’s tips for a strong defense (16:43)
  • Traits of highly successful players (20:02)
  • Quickfire questions (21:30)
  • How is Firstbeat Sports implemented at William & Mary (22:47)
  • Typical TRIMP values weekly and in games (24:49)
  • How to communicate better with staff and athletes (27:10)
  • Helping student-athletes juggle academics and sports (31:01)

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