Health & Wellness

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Case HR4

Assessing the Recovery of HR and Research Professionals

HR and research professionals received information about their own recovery and the balance between working life, well-being and leisure.

Case Salo

Over 1500 Lifestyle Assessments Made in Salo – And to Be Continued

As of Spring 2015 in the city of Salo, approximately 1500 Lifestyle Assessments had been performed along with nearly 300 follow-up measurements.

Case City of Helsinki Sports Department

“I Want That, at Least Once a Year, People Stop to Think about Their Coping Mechanisms”

The executive team of City of Helsinki Sports Department participated in the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment three times already with more to come.

Case The Alaska Club

The Importance of Finding a Balance between Life’s Many Demands and the Need to Recover

Alaska is a very unique place – and Firstbeat was thrilled to conduct an assessment project there, together with the Alaska Club, to find out what kinds of lifestyle issues people in Alaska deal with.

Case Federation of Finnish Financial Services

Individual Well-Being Plays an Important Role in Specialist Work

A follow-up measurement illustrated the effects of the lifestyle changes among the personnel of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services.


Lifestyle Assessment Carried TECA Through Organizational Changes

Monitoring stress and recovery during a hectic phase reminded the staff members of the importance of maintaining their wellness.

Case Northern Ostrobothnian Health Care District

Lifestyle Assessment Paved the Way for Long-Term Development of Occupational Wellness

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment results encouraged the Ward to further develop occupational wellness in a comprehensive and determined manner.

Case Fitness Center Balanssi

Well-Being Is Created in Daily Life

Personal Trainers at Fitness Center Balanssi are monitoring their customers’ stress, training effect and recovery with Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment.

Case Holiday Club

Information on Individual Well-Being Promotes Coping at Work

General feedback on the employee well-being was relieving: The staff is coping normally which provides good grounds for further wellness development. 

Case SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry Follow-Up Lifestyle Assessment: How Are They Doing a Year Later?

SQL Sentry Inc. from Huntersville NC, USA took part in a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in October 2013 with 23 participants.