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Case VR Finnish National Railways

Recovery a Key in Shiftwork

42 train drivers of Finnish National Railways undertook a three-day Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in autumn 2012 as part of a well-being campaign.

Giro d'Italia - Cycling

Firstbeat Recovery Analysis in Giro d’Italy With the SMS And the Team Colnago CSF

In 2011 the Firstbeat Sports software was used at Giro d’Italy to assess the recovery level for the team Colnago CSF cyclists across the whole tour.

Case International Forest Company

Well-being Commitments Manifest as Improved Recovery

The Lifestyle Assessment has introduced new perspectives to an international forest industry company’s efforts to promote occupational well-being.

Case Moventas

Ensure Your Opportunities to Succeed!

The importance of a good balance between recovery and stress was highlighted when the Moventas Management team took part in a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment.

Case Euromaster

Euromaster Experiences and Feedback

Being able to start using the web-based Fitness Coach right after the Assessment has helped many employees to follow-up their progress.

Vierumäki - Sports Institute of Finland

Using Firstbeat Sports in Training Centers

Vierumäki uses Firstbeat Sports for educational coaching programs in demonstrating the factors that affect on overall training load and recovery.

Case Affecto

A Standard Lifestyle Assessment Summary

Affecto took part in a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment. Here you can see the improvements on an individual, as well as on a group level.

Case Finnish City of Salo

Small Changes Can Result in Significant Benefits in Terms of Work Well-being

In Salo, the measures aimed at furthering well-being at work have involved both individuals and work communities. The results have been encouraging.

Case Keskisuomalainen

Hectic Media Work Requires Good Overnight Recovery

The Management Group of Keskisuomalainen Newspaper undertook a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to evaluate and build up their resources.