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Rochester Americans - Ice Hockey

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Jason Kilijanski – Rochester Americans Ice Hockey

The Rochester Americans (AHL) use Firstbeat Sports system to help them get the best performance out of the team when it´s most needed.

Jokerit Helsinki - Ice Hockey

The Pre-season Measurements Already Revealed the Upcoming Challenge in Finding the Balance Between Loading and Recovery

Jokerit Helsinki ice hockey team started to apply Firstbeat Sports in order to be better prepared for tight game rhythm and travelling.

The Spain National Soccer Team

Preparing the Team for the Brazil World Cup

Javier Miñano, Athletic Trainer of the Spain National Football Team is using the Firstbeat Sports in preparing the team for the Brazil World Cup.

Case City of Helsinki Sports Department

“I Want That, at Least Once a Year, People Stop to Think about Their Coping Mechanisms”

The executive team of City of Helsinki Sports Department participated in the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment three times already with more to come.

Marcelo Gutierrez - Mountain Bike Downhill

When Doing High Performance Sports You Get to a Point Where Every Single Detail Counts in Your Way to Achieve What You Want; Win!

The Red Bull downhill rider, Marcelo Gutierrez, uses the Firstbeat Sports software to optimize his training and recovery.

Boca Juniors - Soccer

We Are Using the Firstbeat Sports System to Track Players’ Workload and Recovery

Boca Juniors team uses Firstbeat Sports to track players’ workload and recovery to help us minimize injury risk and maximize performance.

Case The Alaska Club

The Importance of Finding a Balance between Life’s Many Demands and the Need to Recover

Alaska is a very unique place – and Firstbeat was thrilled to conduct an assessment project there, together with the Alaska Club, to find out what kinds of lifestyle issues people in Alaska deal with.

Buffalo Sabres - Ice Hockey

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Doug McKenney – Buffalo Sabres Ice Hockey

The Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Buffalo Sabres, Doug McKenney, explains how they use Firstbeat Sports monitoring software with the hockey team.

Case Federation of Finnish Financial Services

Individual Well-Being Plays an Important Role in Specialist Work

A follow-up measurement illustrated the effects of the lifestyle changes among the personnel of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services.

UMass Lowell River Hawks - Ice Hockey

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Devan McConnell – UMass Lowell River Hawks Ice Hockey

In this series, we’ll be introducing you to some of the coaches and staff taking advantage of the Firstbeat Sports solution to monitor training and recovery. We’ll get their personal…