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Antti Tolvanen

Fierce Race, Speedy Pace

The results of Firstbeat’s Lifestyle Assessment helped ice cross downhill rider Antti Tolvanen investigate the relationship between personal fitness, training, recovery and peak performance.


“It helps illustrate the significant benefits achievable with the right information to help change behavior.”

During a recent visit to Finland KPMG Chief Operations Officer Jason Murray talked about their science based approach and the role Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment plays in his coaching.

Aku Louhimies

Award Winning Finnish Director Aku Louhimies Investigates His Personal Well-being with Firstbeat While Working on National Epic

Aku Louhimies put his wellbeing at test during the filming of the movie The Unknown Soldier. See how the movie director endures the hectic weeks of filming.

Personal Trainer Sami Alalauri, Prässi Oy

Live, Play and Recover: NHL Coaching From the Heart

Personal Trainer Sami Alalauri knows hockey and the art of coaching. He can read a player’s mood by the position of his cap. This is hardcore stuff.

FC Vaduz

“I Have Precise Control Over Their Training Efforts in Real Time”

As a daily user for training load, intensity and recovery monitoring, Harry Körner uses the Firstbeat Sports monitoring its full potential.

Case SentryOne

“The Firstbeat assessment is a good reminder of the importance of balancing the different parts of life.”

SentryOne from Huntersville, North Carolina underwent the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for the third time this October. Here are the results.

Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas

Firstbeat Helps Brazilian Soccer Club Botafogo Keep Their Best Team on the Field

Botafogo is among an increasing number of Brazilian soccer teams enjoying the benefits of an increased focus on sports technology. According to team physiologist Manoel Coutinho, a large portion of the team’s recent success are attributable insights provided by Firstbeat Sports.

ERC Ingolstadt

Coaching From the Cloud: New Approaches to Individualized Training Prescription

Maritta Becker, assistant coach of ERC Ingolstadt, is familiar with the challenges of remote coordination, as she prepares the team for the season ahead.

Rouen Dragons

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Ari Salo – Rouen Dragons Ice Hockey

Firstbeat Sport Manager Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki recently caught up with Dragon’s Assistant Coach Ari Salo to talk about how their team utilizes Firstbeat’s physiological monitoring capabilities to create memorable performances.

Detroit Red Wings

Taking a Look at Firstbeat Sports at Detroit Red Wings Development Camp

The training and recovery data provided by Firstbeat gives the Red Wings coaching staff critical information that allows them to make educated decisions about how to best prepare each player to give the team the maximum chance of success.