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Port Adelaide FC

Firstbeat Completes the Picture for Australian Rules Football Club: Port Adelaide FC

Port Adelaide FC takes player monitoring and development seriously and is well-known for their willingness to invest in these areas.

Global Game Jam

How Does a 48-hour Game Development Event Affect the Body?

We analyzed the stress and recovery levels of two Finnish Game Jam organizers to see how they dealt with the hectic weekend of game development.

Case National Health Service, UK

Delivering Better Healthcare: Watch the Video on how NHS Ambulance Workers Improved Their Well-Being

Firstbeat partner Optima Life helped the employees of the NHS North West Ambulance Service to perform and cope better at work as well as in everyday life.

Tuomas Simola - Finnish submission wrestler

Even “Tough-Guys” Need Rest

Firstbeat Sports helps Finnish submission wrestler Tuomas Simola avoid overtraining and delivers insights for effective recovery.

German Ice Hockey Federation

“We use the Firstbeat system to prepare for the Olympic Games and World Championships”

The German Ice Hockey Federation will begin using Firstbeat Sports systems for all their national team programs, including the elite and junior teams.

Case Marjo Huhtala

Recovery and Productivity Increased by Lifestyle Assessment

Marjo Huhtala, the founder of Mandare Oy, got her well-being tested with the Lifestyle Assessment, just at the time when she was starting her own business.

Case HR4

Assessing the Recovery of HR and Research Professionals

HR and research professionals received information about their own recovery and the balance between working life, well-being and leisure.

Coach John Marovich – Valparaiso Soccer

Firstbeat Coach Profile: John Marovich – Valparaiso University Women’s Soccer

Valparaiso Soccer´s coach John Marovich is about to use the Firstbeat Sports systems with his team to get valuable insight on the team´s performance levels.

Case Salo

Over 1500 Lifestyle Assessments Made in Salo – And to Be Continued

As of Spring 2015 in the city of Salo, approximately 1500 Lifestyle Assessments had been performed along with nearly 300 follow-up measurements.

Marcus Lindner - German National Basketball Team

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Marcus Lindner – German National Basketball Team

Marcus Lindner, the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the German National Basketball Team, has been using the Firstbeat Sports system since 2014.