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Case Moventas

Ensure Your Opportunities to Succeed!

Managing Director Mikael Laine of Moventas emphasizes employee well-being in his management philosophy: The most important priority is individual well-being and health. Next come a happy home and personal life. The…

Case Euromaster

Euromaster Experiences and Feedback

”The average age of Euromaster employees is 43 years and app. 95% of them are men. Tire installation is mainly fairly heavy physical work that includes a lot of lifting,…

Vierumäki - Sports Institute of Finland

Using Firstbeat Sports in Training Centers

Vierumäki – Sports Institute of Finland is the leading sports training centre in the country. Training centre cooperates closely with many sport associations and international partners to develop and carry…

Case Affecto

A Standard Lifestyle Assessment Summary

Case Affecto 50 persons in the IT sector Project lasted 6 months: Aug 2010 à Feb 2011. An electronic start-up questionnaire in the beginning. Group feedback (2 different groups) +…

Case Finnish City of Salo

Small Changes Can Result in Significant Benefits in Terms of Work Well-being

The joint efforts made in Salo to improve occupational well-being led to a reduction of sick days and the development of the work communities involved. In the effectiveness survey, over…

Case Keskisuomalainen

Hectic Media Work Requires Good Overnight Recovery

The Management Group of Keskisuomalainen Newspaper Undertook a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to Evaluate and Build up Their Resources. Keskisuomalainen News Corporation considers the well-being of its staff very important. In…