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Venezuela National Basketball Team

How the Venezuelan Men’s Basketball Team Used Firstbeat Sports to Join the World’s Elite at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Venezuelan national basketball team trainer Germán Andrín García explains how Firstbeat Sports data helped them be prepared for the Olympics.

Benjamin Peltonen

Firstbeat Under the Lights with Teen Idol Benjamin

The 19-year-old Finnish pop singer, Benjamin Peltonen is the latest celebrity to gain insight from Firstbeat’s Lifestyle Assessment services.

Golden State Warriors

Lachlan Penfold Talks Golden State Warriors’ Training and Recovery Management

Data and analytics are critical to ensure that training plans are tailored to each player’s needs and signalling when it might be time to make a change.

FC Zürich Frauen

“We Didn’t Have a Single Injured Player During the Season”

We spoke with Head Coach Dorjee Tsawa about sports monitoring, motivation and the differences between men and women on the football field.

América-MG Football Club

How a Brazilian Soccer Club Reached Serie A With a Focus on Sports Science

In the Spring of 2015, América FC began using Firstbeat Sports to quantify internal loading of players during training with outstanding results.

Schwenninger Wild Wings

Schwenninger Wild Wings Take the Ice With Firstbeat: Better Training, Better Team

During the off-season the Wild Wings started using Firstbeat Sports Team monitoring system to evaluate training and guide player development.

THW Kiel

German Handball Powerhouse THW Kiel Maximizes Training Efficiency With Firstbeat Sports

Firstbeat analytics have a significant role to play in facilitating communication between coaches, trainers and players.

Princeton Rowing

Princeton Rowing Making Waves With Firstbeat Sports Technology

The Princeton Rowing team is one of an increasing number of elite teams using technology to take a proactive approach to training and recovery management, injury reduction and performance enhancement.

Lauri Tähkä

Firstbeat Under the Lights with Finnish Pop Icon Lauri Tähkä

Tähkä recently brought Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment on the road and under the lights to quantify the impact of travel and performance on his body.

Port Adelaide FC

Firstbeat Completes the Picture for Australian Rules Football Club: Port Adelaide FC

Port Adelaide FC takes player monitoring and development seriously and is well-known for their willingness to invest in these areas.