Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 29 Apr 2020

Investing Energy and Attention on What Matters Most

Hosted by Tiina Hoffman

Tiina Hoffman

Hosted by Jason Howlett

On Wednesday April 29th , Jason Howlett of management and behavioral change company FOCUSWRX joined us to discuss forming positive habits and achieving your goals, as well as offer simple tips to help employers and employees balance their performance and recovery 

See the strategies Jason uses, and how Firstbeat data can be deployed in a data-driven approach to achieving things like workday recovery and avoiding distractions – issue we’re all dealing with regardless of our work situation. 

Tiina HoffmanFirstbeat Master Trainer, will also share data on how Firstbeat employees have reacted to these unusual times, plus a few findings from the Firstbeat database of over 100,000 measurement days.  

To learn more about the impact of health and well-being in the workplace download the Firstbeat Guide to Modern Workforce.

Firstbeat Guide to Supporting Modern Workforce


Tiina Hoffman

Tiina Hoffman Master Trainer

Tiina is an Exercise Physiologist who works at Firstbeat as a Wellness Specialist. Growing up as a skier, Tiina spent 4 years cross-country ski racing and later 4 year coaching at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. After moving back to Finland, she found her way to Firstbeat after several years in overtraining and heart rate variability field studies at the Research Institute for Olympic Sports and the University of Jyväskylä. To maintain a good balance in her own life, she enjoys the outdoors – kayaking, hiking, xc-skiing and escaping to her cabin in the woods.

Jason Howlett Co-founder & Change Agent, FOCUSWRX

Jason Howlett is the co-founder of FOCUSWRX, a company that delivers biofeedback and data-driven development journeys to help people and organizations to thrive. Jason studied applied positive psychology at the University of East London and he has a degree in computer science from Royal Holloway, University of London. He is also a certified personal trainer and lifestyle coach.

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