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How Can Firstbeat Help People Live Healthier, Happier, More Productive Lives? Meet Us at WT Düsseldorf

14 Nov

14 Nov

The Firstbeat team is set to attend the Wearable Technologies Show 2016 event held November 14-17th in Düsseldorf, Germany. This special event is part of MEDICA, the world’s largest medical marketplace. Last year’s event was attended by over 130,000 visitors from around the world.

Firstbeat’s Head Physiologist, Tero Myllymäki, will speak as part of the event on Monday, November 14th, at 1:00pm. His presentation, titled Use of Heart Rate Variability for Preventative Healthcare and Sport, will reveal how interpreting the changes from each heartbeat to the next can produce valuable insights on stress, recovery and a variety of performance issues.


Tero Myllymäki is the head of advanced physiology research at Firstbeat with years of experience in exercise physiology and heart rate variability. Before joining Firstbeat, he has been working as a researcher and authored 29 scientific publications or conference papers and 3 articles in published books. His areas of expertise include stress research, sleep, and physiology of training.

Elite sports, preventive healthcare, and consumer wearable technologies are three key areas where Firstbeat is leading the effort to empower individuals with these remarkable, highly personalized, actionable insights from the heart. As a result, millions of people around the world are already benefiting from this exciting and innovative understanding of how our bodies work.

Attendees will gain a behind the scenes look into how these insights are produced today and where visionary researchers expect this technology to take us in the future.

Members of the Firstbeat team will be available throughout the Wearable Tech Show. You can join them by visiting the exhibition in Hall 15, A23 of the CCD Congress Center.

Come see how Firstbeat is helping people live healthier, happier, more productive lives.

Media and Business Inquiries: To schedule a private conversation with Firstbeat during the event, contact Firstbeat Key Account Manager Hilkka Aronen,

Firstbeat will also be joining MEDICA as part of the Sports+Medicine event.

Learn more about that event, here.

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