Firstbeat Brings Stress and Recovery into the New Sony SmartBand2

SmartBand 2 is a new multi-sensor lifelogger from Sony, including Firstbeat analytics. SmartBand 2 has an optical heart rate (HR) sensor and it uses Firstbeat analytics to turn heart rate variability (HRV) measured during 24/7 into information that matters. It helps you see what makes you calm, excited and everything in between to find a good balance between stress and recovery.

Firstbeat heartbeat analytics is used by elite sport teams to balance athletes’ load and recovery, as well as by health and wellness professionals as a tool for wellbeing and performance coaching. Firstbeat has worked closely with Sony to leverage the same core heartbeat analysis technology into a great consumer experience in SmartBand2.

“It’s been a very exciting project. We are the experts in turning heartbeat data into meaningful insights on lifestyle fitness and wellbeing, but it would be nothing without devices like Smartband 2, which is very comfortable to wear 24/7” states Aki Pulkkinen, Director of Consumer Technologies at Firstbeat.

Read more about Firstbeat features in the device and the official Sony press release and SmartBand 2 product pages.


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