Firstbeat Life and UK & International Health Coaching Association to Begin Official Partnership

Dec 7 2022 in News

The UK & International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA) has confirmed a new strategic partnership with Firstbeat Life which will include dedicated educational sessions for their members set to take place throughout 2023. 

The UKIHCA is a non-profit professional body for the discipline of Health Coaching and the support and development of Health Coaches in the UK and internationally. The Association is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding, in all parts of society, of the role of Health Coaching as a powerful, evidence-based modality for preventing, and potentially reversing chronic, lifestyle-related conditions.  

The partnership with UKIHCA highlights the growing opportunity for health and wellness professionals to incorporate a data-driven approach within their health coaching practice with the use of technology and tools such as Firstbeat Life. On the partnership, Firstbeat CEO Tero Lehtonen said: 

“We are delighted to announce this new partnership between the UK & International Health Coaching Association and Firstbeat. Partnering with a highly regarded professional organization such as the UKIHCA gives great credibility to the Firstbeat Life wellness solution, and in turn, we hope to offer its members a unique opportunity to integrate our world-leading wellness technology into their services to enhance their offering and help their clients to lead healthier lives.” 

The partnership will kick off in January with a joint webinar for UKIHCA members where Firstbeat Master Trainer, Tiina Hoffman, will introduce the Firstbeat Life Solution. Supported by Faye Hall, UKIHCA’s Director of Professional Standards, Tiina will answer questions from members about how to utilize wellness data in health coaching.  

Part of the UKIHCA’s aims is to support the continued professional development and career progression of Health Coaches, including the use of digital technologies in support of health outcomes. On the partnership with Firstbeat, the UKIHCA’s CEO Izabella Natrins said:  

“The UK & International Health Coaching Association is delighted to partner with Firstbeat Life. We share the same passion for equipping individuals with tools and techniques to empower themselves to make health-supportive lifestyle and behaviour changes and thrive in life. Firstbeat Life is an important addition to any health professional’s tool box, to support lifestyle-focused conversations between health coach and client.”   

 For further information about Firstbeat Life for wellness professionals, please visit our website:  

About Firstbeat Life: Firstbeat Life is a wellness solution designed as a tool for health and wellness professionals which provides highly accurate HRV-based physiological measurement data on stress, recovery, sleep and the health effects of exercise.  

The Firstbeat Life solution consists of a personal measuring device, mobile app and partner admin system. Professionals can activate licenses on demand, track the performance of their individual and corporate clients and access key data findings. 

About the UKIHCA: The UK and International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA) is a non-profit professional body for the discipline of Health Coaching and the support and development of Health Coaches in the UK and internationally. 

UKIHCA’s Approved Full Members are qualified, credentialled Health Coaches, working to robust professional standards and a clear scope of practice, uniquely equipped with lifestyle and behaviour change knowledge and skills to support and self-empower individuals to make sustainable changes to improve their health outcomes. 

The UKIHCA also welcomes Affiliate Members, adjunct Health Professionals aligned with their purpose, vision and mission. 

For more information please contact:

Toby Murray
+358 40 535 6178

Izabella Natrins

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