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Aug 8

What You Should Know about Aerobic and Anaerobic Training | Gadgets & Wearables

Gadgets & Wearables released an article about aerobic and anaerobic training. The author summarises the main differencies between these two energy systems. It is recommended to do both aerobic and…

Jun 30

USA Field Hockey Announces Firstbeat as Official Heartbeat Analytics Partner

Jyväskylä, Finland – This week, USA Field Hockey and Firstbeat Sports announced a 3-year partnership which will ensure coaches and athletes have access to cutting-edge training load and recovery monitoring…

May 22

Wearable Makers Want You to Want Them | USA Today

USA Today released an article about fitness wearables and the new metrics they hold. Heart rate variability has proven to be a great indicator of stress, fitness and overall health….

May 18

Looking Back at the Firstbeat HRV Summit 2017

The very first Firstbeat HRV Summit gathered over 150 international guests to hear sport and wellness professionals sharing their insights about heart rate variability. The event was a great success….

May 17

Making Use Of Heartrate Data In Modern Wearables | Computer Power User

Computer Power User (“CPU”) recently published an article where they interview Firstbeat Communications Specialist Herman Bonner. In the article, Bonner answers technical and practical questions about smartwatches and wearables with…

May 11

Firstbeat and Trainer4You Into Close Collaboration

Firstbeat and Europe’s largest education center for personal trainers, Trainer4You, are expanding their co-operation. The two Finnish wellness pioneers for over 20 years aim for mutual development of customer experience…

May 9

Tekes: “It Takes Courage to Be a Finn”

The creation of new and innovation require courage. Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes and the Dudesons created a new video series Meanwhile in Finland. The goal of this series…

May 5

Good Physical Condition Increases Measured and Self-estimated Overall Well-being

Overview Being in good physical condition makes you feel better, affirms Firstbeat, the leading heartbeat analytics company for health, fitness and well-being. The firm’s latest research also reveals differences in…

Apr 7

Two Weeks, Two Scores: John Hayden’s Short But Sweet Journey From NCAA to NHL

March 11 was a good day to 22-year-old college student John Hayden, but it was the week after that made a remarkable difference in his life. After scoring a goal…

Mar 24

Firstbeat Brings Scientific Perspective to Canadian Armed Forces Fitness Study

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is undertaking a major research initiative with the help of Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment. The study is being conducted in support of a directive from the…

Feb 21

Meanwhile in Finland Presents: The Dudesons Powered with Firstbeat’s Technology

They are crazy, they are extreme – and everything else in between! That’s right, they are the Dudesons. Known from their courageous stunts and numerous TV shows, the Dudesons have…

Feb 14

Teams Utilize Heart-rate Monitors | Yale Daily News

Yale University hockey teams use Firstbeat Sports to support coaching decisions and teach the players. The university newspaper, Yale Daily News, interviewed Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning for men’s…