New Firstbeat Life ™ Solution is Here – “This Year has Shown that Employee Well-being is a Crucial Factor for Every Company.”

Aug 5 2020 in News

Corporate Wellness

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5, 2020   

Firstbeat Technologies, the leading provider of well-being and sports technology, has today launched Firstbeat Life – the new subscription-based corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management and an integral part of preventative healthcare. This new technology also promises to open opportunities to Firstbeat partners as part of their own wellness offering. 

Even before the unprecedented circumstances of this year, ways of working and the demands of modern life have been rapidly evolving. The need to adapt and embrace more effective corporate wellness management tools has never been greater.  

Firstbeat Life supports physical and mental well-being by turning accurate physiological data on sleep, stress, recovery, exercise, and fitness into actionable insights. Individuals can see, for example, how they are impacted by a busy meeting or hectic family life, and if sleep is replenishing resources overnight. This allows employees to make better personal health and well-being choices and learn how to balance stress and recovery.  

“As this year has shown, employee well-being is a crucial factor in the success of every employee and company,” says Joni Kettunen, CEO of Firstbeat Technologies“Healthy employees are able to adapt to sudden changes and handle mental and physical load better.” 

“With the Firstbeat Life service, we are bringing the power of science into everyday life and giving employees and companies an effective and motivating tool to increase individual and organizational well-being. We believe that within the next 10 years digital services and solutions that support employee health and well-being will be as common as financial management tools today.”   

Employers can use Firstbeat Life to get a company-level understanding of staff wellness and performance trends, evaluate wellness strategies, identify and reduce health risks and, ultimately, lead with data to build a more productive, resilient workforce. 

Leading Wellness Technology at the Heart of Firstbeat Life

Firstbeat has over 20 years of experience in scientific research and bringing meaningful insights to people with their advanced physiological analytics.  

The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, the predecessor to Firstbeat Life, has proudly helped optimize health and performance across 40 countries, in 10,000 organizations, and for over 300,000 employees. Meanwhile, Firstbeat’s leading heartbeat analytics are utilized by over 10,000 athletes around the world, from the Premier League to the NBA. A greater emphasis on occupational wellness and professional sports was reaffirmed earlier this summer when the consumer product licensing business, Firstbeat Analytics, was acquired by Garmin.  

Firstbeat Life™ for Corporate Wellness

Firstbeat Life builds on this experience with a truly holistic approach to supporting well-being, based on the four main pillars of the solution:    

Accurate and reliable sensor – New Bodyguard 3 device allows highly-accurate heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring based on ECG as well as recording of 3D motion. Employees enjoy unlimited measurements and access reliable data on stress, sleep, recovery, fitness, and exercise.    

Firstbeat Life app – Brings key data and insights to life. Employees can see how they react to different situations, connect the dots between their body’s reactions and daily activity and understand the effect their daily choices have on their well-being.  

Company-level reporting – Monitor organization-wide health and wellness and identify potential risk areas. Decision-makers receive anonymous, aggregated data. Personal employee data is only shown in the app to the employees themselves.  

Personal coaching – Qualified coaches provide additional support and motivation towards positive lifestyle changes that benefit the individual and company.   

Firstbeat Life Partner Potential

Firstbeat Life will create new cooperation opportunities for Firstbeat partners and service providers. The existing wellness product, Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, will also continue to operate via Firstbeat service providers.  

“As an essential tool for preventive health care, Firstbeat Life can serve a valuable role for health care service providers, insurance companies, and coaching services, among others, and we look forward to introducing it to, and growing, our partner network,” says Kettunen.   

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About Firstbeat Technologies   

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics give confidence to tens of thousands of elite athletes and employees in over 40 countries. The company was founded in 2002 and, in 2020, Garmin acquired the Firstbeat Analytics arm of the company focusing on consumer analytics. Firstbeat Technologies head office is in Jyväskylä, Finland. 

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