Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 30 May 2024

Supporting Employee Resilience During Times of Change

Hosted by Tiina Hoffman and Siria Grahn

Cargotec, a leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions, is facing a unique situation and major, planned changes as the company has initiated a process to potentially separate its core businesses Kalmar and Hiab into two standalone listed companies.

To help the personnel cope with the changes, the company has taken a preventative approach to employee wellness by providing the staff with additional resources and support.

In our next webinar, Firstbeat’s Master Trainer Tiina Hoffman will welcome Cargotec’s Director of HR Siria Grahn to talk about their employee strategy in this challenging period. Together they will discuss a wellness project carried out with Firstbeat, from practical details and scheduling to results and feedback. The project included Firstbeat Life measurements and lectures on key wellness topics that participants could join live or online from locations in different countries.


Tiina Hoffman and Siria Grahn

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