Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 17 Sep 2020

Firstbeat Life™ Virtual Launch

Hosted by The Firstbeat Team

Firstbeat Life

The new corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management is here!

In this virtual launch event, you’ll get an exclusive first look at Firstbeat Life and learn how it turns physiological data into actionable, motivating guidance for achieving personal balance and company-level success.


  • Firstbeat Life – Why Was It Created? (03.45)
    Joni Kettunen, PhD. CEO and Co-founder
  • Firstbeat Life for Corporate Wellness (10.55)
    Toby Murray, Head of International Sales
  • New User’s Experience (19.57)
    Paul Nugent, Managing Director, Nugent Santé
  • Firstbeat Life for Our Partners & Service Providers (23.18)
    Anna de Torres, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Technology & Science Behind Firstbeat Life (30.04)
    Ilkka Korhonen, PhD. Chief Technical Officer
  • Firstbeat Life for the Employee (39.03)
    Tiina Hoffman, Master Trainer
  • Q&A Session (49.30)

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The Firstbeat Team

Our CEO Joni Kettunen followed by Head of International Sales Toby Murray, CTO Ilkka Korhonen, CCO Anna de Torres and Exercise Physiologist Tiina Hoffman.

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